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The Information Super-Sewer – Chris Hedges’ damning critique of Free Culture

The only income left for most of those who create is earned through self-promotion, but as Lanier points out this turns culture into nothing but advertising. It fosters a social ethic in which the capacity for crowd manipulation is more highly valued than truth, beauty or thought.

While the severing of intellectual property rights from their creators, whether journalists, photographers or musicians, means that those who create lose the capacity to make a living from their work, aggregators such as Google make money by collecting and distributing this work to lure advertisers. Original work on the Internet, as Lanier points out, is “copied, mashed up, anonymized, analyzed, and turned into bricks in someone else’s fortress to support an advertising scheme.” Lanier warns that if this trend is not halted it will create a “formula that leaves no way for our nation to earn a living in the long term.”

“Funding a civilization through advertising is like trying to get nutrition by connecting a tube from one’s anus to one’s mouth,” Lanier says.

Chris Hedges: The Information Super-Sewer – Chris Hedges’ Columns – Truthdig


As a founding (now lapsed) member of Harvard Free Culture and a former employee of Creative Commons, these are some pretty hard truths, thoughts I’ve been harboring for over 3 years now but reluctant to state publicly. But perhaps as a result of working on my thesis film— by far my most substantial endeavor to date— combined with getting ready to graduate— meaning next year not only will I no longer have institutional/financial support for making art, but I will have to actually earn a living— that I feel like it’s time to come out about my growing ambivalence towards “free culture.”

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Lapham on Yale’s New Admissions Video

He faulted the new video not for its failed attempt at Sontagian camp but for portraying the university as a kind of summer camp for élites. “It’s a variation on Marie Antoinette in the garden of Versailles,” he said. “I’m surprised they didn’t dress the girls as shepherdesses. In the ancien régime, this is the kind of thing that would have prompted the French Revolution. Are we supposed to send this to struggling youths in Asia and Africa?”

The New Yorker

(For those of you fortunate enough to have missed it, he’s speaking about these 17 minutes of institutionally-sanctioned musical theater hell.)

Neon Politik / i miss the desert

Cameron‘s band The Franks has a new video out and it looks great, sounds great. Very impressive and lots of fun. They sure are stylish over there … something about watching The Doom Generation* this weekend and then seeing this video, combined with all the snow outside, is giving me some LA envy like I haven’t felt since I first read Weetzie Bat.

The Franks: Neon Politik from The Franks.

* I think Ché put it best – “The Repoman of the 90s” … definitely nsfw.


I’m a little late in the game posting about this one but I’m really digging muxtape. I’ve never been able to get into sites like because they seemed so impersonal, and kinda creepy… a robot spying on your itunes and then comparing you to this huge database and telling you whats compatible with your personal record. Muxtape is old school curatorial, your friends putting together the exact songs stuck in their head at the moment, and in an order that makes sense to them. Plus I like the post-web2.0 design that seems to be all the rage today – simple, clean lines, big text, and no goddamn rounded corners. Click once to play a song, once more for it to stop.

Of course, for all you readers out there philosophically opposed to listening to music through your browser, and who can’t be bothered to hack it out (thnx jono!), I’ll try to keep an mp3 archive of each playlist I upload on this site, and calling it fair use. Here’s my first mix, a collection of tracks that have been stuck in my head (for better or for worse) during the past month:

springtime fuck yea!

springtime fuck yea!

01 – Stro – clothing song
02 – The Breeders – Walk It Off
03 – Bondage Fairies – He-man
04 – Teengirl Fantasy – Portofino
05 – Battle of Mice – Sleep and Dream
06 – RjD2 – Ghostwriter
07 – Blind Melon – No Rain
08 – Rihanna – Umbrella (VNDLSM remix)
09 – Mistah F.A.B – Hula Hoop
10 – The Killers – Smile Like You Mean It (Fischerspooner Remix)
11 – M.I.A. – Paper Planes
12 – Lali Puna – Micronomic (boom bip remix (compilation edit))