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Neon Politik / i miss the desert

Cameron‘s band The Franks has a new video out and it looks great, sounds great. Very impressive and lots of fun. They sure are stylish over there … something about watching The Doom Generation* this weekend and then seeing this video, combined with all the snow outside, is giving me some LA envy like I haven’t felt since I first read Weetzie Bat.

The Franks: Neon Politik from The Franks.

* I think Ché put it best – “The Repoman of the 90s” … definitely nsfw.

Jan. 8: Come see my new film!

My new short, Pre-Apocalypse, is screening next week along with the other projects from my fiction film class. These films are pretty rough technically– each filmed in one day on 16mm, edited by hand on the Steenbeck, single track audio, no sound mix, no titles, some camera problems– but represent a lot of talent and hard work. I’ll be posting a d.i.y. digital transfer of my film up here soon, but I want to encourage everyone to come out and see it on the big screen because the film projection looks so much better. Hope to see you there!


VES 150 Fall Screening
Thursday, January 8th
Carpenter Center Lecture Hall
24 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA