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New Film! “Clean In: How Hotel Workers Fought For a Union—And Won”

What happens when the working mothers employed as housekeepers at a Harvard-owned hotel decide to “lean in” for higher wages and better working conditions? ¿Puede la solidaridad femenina unir a las clases?

In celebration of International Women’s Day, and in solidarity with today’s Women’s Strike, The Nation Magazine has released my long-in-the-making collaboration with Sarah Leonard about a group of immigrant working mothers who sought to unionize their Harvard-owned workplace – and in doing so asked Harvard’s first female president & Sheryl Sandberg “which side are you on?”

Their story shows us what a “feminism for the 99%” might look like.

CLEAN IN is a 21min video essay featuring music by bilingual political punk band Downtown Boys and Puerto Rican shoegaze band Un.Real. It’s a companion piece to Sarah’s long-form essay, Housekeepers Versus Harvard: Feminism for the Age of Trump.

Regardless of whether or not you are striking today, I hope you might find some time to read Sarah’s essay and watch CLEAN IN.

Spoiler alert: unlike 99% of labor stories, this piece has a happy ending! It’s a genuinely inspiring tale of how creative organizing and cross-class solidarity can achieve real, concrete, material (and nonmaterial) improvements in the lives of working people.

Happy International Women’s Day!
¡Feliz Día Internacional de la Mujer!

PS: This project emerged out of a socialist feminist reading group which has deeply informed how I think about both feminism and the economy. In honor of today’s strike, members of that group have collaborated on A Women’s Strike Syllabus. Check it out!

Can I film my thesis in your apartment?

Dear friends and readers in Cambridge/Somerville,

Please help me make my next movie!

I need to shoot a couple scenes for my thesis film, ASHLEY/AMBER, in an apartment in/around Cambridge, MA. Nothing fancy, just somewhere with a living room, kitchen(ette), and at least one bedroom – somewhere students would live.

The shoot will be in mid-January, for 2 days/nights. Everything will be left clean and as we found it. In return, credit and copy of the film upon completion, along with lots of karma and enormous gratitude. Plus, your apartment would be a movie star! If you have a place we could use, or know of someone who might, please email me at


Audition for my next film!

Seeking talent for Harvard undergrad thesis film, tentatively titled Ashley/Amber. The film is a dark comedy about an anti-war activist who finds fame only after she is outed as the one-time star of an internet porn video. It will be shot in 16mm, estimated length 25min. Production will take place January 2010.

This is a low-budget student film, so most roles are unpaid. A small honorarium may be offered to principals. Food and transportation will be provided for all cast members during the shoot. A DVD will also be provided to all participants upon completion of the film. The filmmaker has won a number of awards for her previous work, and intends to submit this piece to festivals.

Check out the Casting Call for a full synopsis and description of characters, and to schedule an audition.


lampoon screenshot

The Harvard Lampoon site got a re-design earlier this summer. This was my second crack at this project, and, though there are still improvements to be made, judging by both site usage and my own arbitrary aesthetic standards, more successful.

After 4 or so years of trying to foist drupal on everyone but myself, I finally began pushing wordpress, the software I use for this site, instead. I wouldn’t be adding anything new to the discourse by mentioning that wordpress is less kludge-y and buggy, easier to use and design for… but I’ll say it anyway.

Also, thanks to SWT, NHS, ERS and MKG for all the help getting this launched.