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Sharing Creative Works

Last week Creative Commons published Sharing Creative Works, the comic I’ve been working on for the past month or so.

Sharing Creative Works Banner

Originally intended as documentation for our OLPC collaboration, we settled for trying to come up with something American kids (and adults) would understand, as we realized we were pretty unqualified to educate children in the developing world. So in true collaborative form, the comic is on the wiki (admittedly, a poor presentation format) and all the SVG artwork is online, in the hopes that people who have a stronger knowledge of the different cultures the laptops are going to will give us feedback or make improvements.

Sharing Creative Works Storyboard

I wrote the bulk of the script (with lots of help from Jon, Alex, and Asheesh). This is the product of 4ish years of trying to explain CC to friends, family, and whoever else would listen. I’m really curious about how successful it is. Its definitely the approach I’ve found work best in conversation, but this is a comic. Of course I’ve been working on it for too long to have any sense if it works or not (but Valleywag twice blogged us).

As far as the artwork goes, I storyboarded it and then passed it on to our awesome graphic designer, Alex Roberts. He did most of the panels in Inkscape until he got bored of it, and threw it back to me. The art is kinda tricky because of how abstract the ideas are, leading to an over reliance on arrows and such. I had fun with the facial expressions towards the end though.

Sharing Creative Works 17

This is my first real project using vector graphics and its made me a lot more savvy with Inkscape, which is great. I definitely miss ink & bristol, and hopefully will have something new in that medium up here soon. On the other hand, SVG makes it so easy to revise and mess around, like with this final panel that didn’t make the cut:

Sharing Creative Works cut panel

csssa pals venture into the cosmic altered mind

During summer 2004 I spent 4 weeks intensively studying & making animation at CalArts through CSSSA (ambitious/masochistic young animators, check it out). This past week I got news from two of my favorite people from that summer. First, my friend Winona found me on myspace after a couple years of lost contact. I’m very happy because in addition to being able to catch up with her, she has a fanciful website and blog full of her beautiful art. And she’s working on a new film about “witches, love, and adventures into the cosmic altered mind!” Goodie!

We’ll trim their trees but not our own by Winona Regan

Then I learned that one of our instructors, Stefan Gruber, finally updated his interactive-animation experiment of a website, Fantasy Pleasure Complex. F.P.C. 10 features four new films, including Anaelle, which I remember him working on at CSSSA when it was hundreds of tiny little drawings in thick flip books. Petting Zoo (1) is also great, like a wonderful nightmare.

Anaelle [mov] by Stefan Gruber

petting zoo
Petting Zoo (1) by Stefan Gruber


Tim, Christina & co are up to some craziness back in Cambridge. On April 25-27, they will attempt to open the hellmouth:

This is the ongoing record of an effort to assemble every famous internet meme or celebrity to come to Harvard in the spring of 2008 to attend a conference.

Presumably, they’re going to talk about fame online.


So far the guest list includes xkcd, dinosaur comics, the oneredpaperclip guy, and others. They get goatse and I’m buying a plane ticket.

To get you psyched:

Internet People

Internet People

Animation by Dan Meth
Music by Dan Meth & Micah Frank
From MethMinute39, CC-BY-NC-SA

Suggested Reading: The Secret Strategies Behind Many “Viral” Videos

perkins & parkins

Altominarian Cutalfien

Altominarian Cutalfien
by Greg Perkins, a bicoastal buddy. His Flickr is getting pretty awesome these days… good things happen when people leave Cambridge for Cali.


Silent Strokes by Superhumanoids. Catchy, groovy, pscyh-pop – definitely a track for your makeout playlist. The human behind all this is Cameron Parkins, who interned at CC with me this summer, so I should add that its licensed CC-BY-NC for your listening & remixing pleasure.

yo gabba gabba

Just got this email from Lori D., an awesome animator who taught me at CSSSA:

Hi everybody!
I did a simple little animated music video for this great new preschool kids show called ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’.
My little 2 minute piece is about ‘Listening’. I don’t know when in the show it comes on because I haven’t seen the episode and I myself do not have le cable television…
That episode will be playing on Monday at 1pm Eastern Time…on Nickelodeon.
Hope you all are doing well!
Lori D.

I don’t have television so I’ll have to wait for youtube, but if you do have tv you should check it out! Here is one of her paintings to whet your appetite:

lori d painting


Gestation Screenshot

My friend Allie just completed an impressive first animation. She’s really talented and I’ve long admired her style, so seeing her drawings move is way cool. I hope she sticks with animation. Also her little brother did the music, making for some sweet sibling collaboration. Aww.