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Diaspora* is [probably not] the new facebook

Diaspora* is a noble attempt to provide an alternative to that evil CIA-backed walled garden named Facebook. It’s an open-source, distributed, community-funded social network. They just launched their feature-poor and riddled-with-bugs alpha site. Still a long way to go before it can compete with the FB, but I support the spirit of the venture…

Add me:

I have a few invites left, hit me up if you want one.

BBC on Diaspora

Help my friend Bert make a monster movie!

I met Bert over the internet. He had seen the casting call for Ashley/Amber and wanted to know if I needed any crew. I was a little reluctant because he was a complete stranger, but I had a good feeling about it. He turned out to be a total MVP on set— I don’t know how we could have gotten through production without him. On top of that, he’s an awesome guy.

Anyway, now Bert is fundraising for his own thesis, a low-budget horror film about a lake monster. He is shooting on 16mm, so all you film-lovers out there especially should really should look inside your hearts & wallets to support the art students trying to prove that real film is not a dying medium.

You can donate as little as $1 ($20 gets a DVD), and speaking from experience, small donations really make a difference on set! Think about all the media you watch for free on the internet— and all the people who make art out of love, maxing out their credit cards in the process. You get to enjoy it and not pay a penny. Well, here is an opportunity to make a tangible contribution. It is a good feeling!

Lake Horror – A 16mm Monster Film — Kickstarter

Can I film my thesis in your apartment?

Dear friends and readers in Cambridge/Somerville,

Please help me make my next movie!

I need to shoot a couple scenes for my thesis film, ASHLEY/AMBER, in an apartment in/around Cambridge, MA. Nothing fancy, just somewhere with a living room, kitchen(ette), and at least one bedroom – somewhere students would live.

The shoot will be in mid-January, for 2 days/nights. Everything will be left clean and as we found it. In return, credit and copy of the film upon completion, along with lots of karma and enormous gratitude. Plus, your apartment would be a movie star! If you have a place we could use, or know of someone who might, please email me at


BEAUTY MACHINE now playing in Colorado and South Carolina

My film Beauty Machine is currently playing in the pre-show for the Bruce Willis flick Surrogates at Cinebarre theaters in Thorton, CO and Mount Pleasant, SC.

I doubt I have any readers in those cities but in case I do: Cinebarre looks like an awesome chain of theaters. They serve dinner during the screening, and instead of showing commercials, they show 30 minutes of short films while they take your order. Check out their blog for more details about what’s screening in the preshow.

Audition for my next film!

Seeking talent for Harvard undergrad thesis film, tentatively titled Ashley/Amber. The film is a dark comedy about an anti-war activist who finds fame only after she is outed as the one-time star of an internet porn video. It will be shot in 16mm, estimated length 25min. Production will take place January 2010.

This is a low-budget student film, so most roles are unpaid. A small honorarium may be offered to principals. Food and transportation will be provided for all cast members during the shoot. A DVD will also be provided to all participants upon completion of the film. The filmmaker has won a number of awards for her previous work, and intends to submit this piece to festivals.

Check out the Casting Call for a full synopsis and description of characters, and to schedule an audition.

my new film BEAUTY MACHINE premieres tonight (Friday, May 8)

Why haven’t I touched this blog all semester? Because I’ve been making a movie! It screens tonight, come check it out:

a short film by Rebecca Rojer

premieres at the
Friday, May 8 at 7 p.m.
CCVA Lecture Hall, Carpenter Center (Harvard Film Archive)
24 Quincy St., Cambridge, MA

beauty machine

NEAL (Majed Sayess), a brilliant inventor, and LINDA (Mary
Kommjian), a former yoga instructor, run the Beauty Enlightenment
Program, a religious movement promising physical perfection through
spiritual awareness (and perhaps a little technological help). But when
Neal discovers he is no longer attracted to the “enlightened” women
he creates, he starts to question his organization and becomes obsessed
with MICHELLE (Danielle Muehlenbein), a new recruit who is
somehow different from the other followers. When Linda finds out she
is furious and vows to usher Michelle into enlightenment at any cost.

Tickets are free but required. They will be distributed outside the Lecture Hall beginning at 6:00 p.m.
BEAUTY MACHINE is the first film of the program so please arrive on time.