Can I film my thesis in your apartment?

Dear friends and readers in Cambridge/Somerville,

Please help me make my next movie!

I need to shoot a couple scenes for my thesis film, ASHLEY/AMBER, in an apartment in/around Cambridge, MA. Nothing fancy, just somewhere with a living room, kitchen(ette), and at least one bedroom – somewhere students would live.

The shoot will be in mid-January, for 2 days/nights. Everything will be left clean and as we found it. In return, credit and copy of the film upon completion, along with lots of karma and enormous gratitude. Plus, your apartment would be a movie star! If you have a place we could use, or know of someone who might, please email me at


2 thoughts on “Can I film my thesis in your apartment?”

  1. I’ll ask my brother if you can use his condo. I rent here, but of course, it’s more than just me. Still, him and his fiancee leave at 7 and get back most nights around 8, so if you only keep a minimum of night time shooting it should be fine.


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