my new film BEAUTY MACHINE premieres tonight (Friday, May 8)

Why haven’t I touched this blog all semester? Because I’ve been making a movie! It screens tonight, come check it out:

a short film by Rebecca Rojer

premieres at the
Friday, May 8 at 7 p.m.
CCVA Lecture Hall, Carpenter Center (Harvard Film Archive)
24 Quincy St., Cambridge, MA

beauty machine

NEAL (Majed Sayess), a brilliant inventor, and LINDA (Mary
Kommjian), a former yoga instructor, run the Beauty Enlightenment
Program, a religious movement promising physical perfection through
spiritual awareness (and perhaps a little technological help). But when
Neal discovers he is no longer attracted to the “enlightened” women
he creates, he starts to question his organization and becomes obsessed
with MICHELLE (Danielle Muehlenbein), a new recruit who is
somehow different from the other followers. When Linda finds out she
is furious and vows to usher Michelle into enlightenment at any cost.

Tickets are free but required. They will be distributed outside the Lecture Hall beginning at 6:00 p.m.
BEAUTY MACHINE is the first film of the program so please arrive on time.

3 thoughts on “my new film BEAUTY MACHINE premieres tonight (Friday, May 8)”

  1. this sounds really interesting. i hope that you upload soon so that we can have a mini screening in our house. (i’m sure clark, neil, sheyda, albina & branch would love to see it too.)

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