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yo gabba gabba

Just got this email from Lori D., an awesome animator who taught me at CSSSA:

Hi everybody!
I did a simple little animated music video for this great new preschool kids show called ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’.
My little 2 minute piece is about ‘Listening’. I don’t know when in the show it comes on because I haven’t seen the episode and I myself do not have le cable television…
That episode will be playing on Monday at 1pm Eastern Time…on Nickelodeon.
Hope you all are doing well!
Lori D.

I don’t have television so I’ll have to wait for youtube, but if you do have tv you should check it out! Here is one of her paintings to whet your appetite:

lori d painting

Come see my film & animation on Friday!

spacegirl screenshot

Its been nearly a month since my last post, and not without reason. Nearly all of my time has gone into two semester-long projects, a 16mm documentary film on the Salvation Army in Central Square and a hand-drawn cell animation, both of which will be screened Friday.

Friday 11:30am-3pm
Animation Party and Screening (bring friends for food + animation)
11:30am-1pm – Thai food on the first floor of the Carpenter Center
1pm-3pm – all animation from the spring semester classes will be screened

Friday 7pm-10:30pm
Screening of intermediate and thesis film, video, animation projects in the large theater in the basement of the Carpenter Center

Only my animation will be screened in the afternoon screening, while both of my projects will be shown in the first half of the evening program. The evening program is supposedly ticketed, but if you arrive on time you will probably get a seat even without one. Or let me know and I can try to get you a ticket.

Hope to see you there!


Gestation Screenshot

My friend Allie just completed an impressive first animation. She’s really talented and I’ve long admired her style, so seeing her drawings move is way cool. I hope she sticks with animation. Also her little brother did the music, making for some sweet sibling collaboration. Aww.

Metal Fingers in My Body


I’ve long thought that watercolors could make for beautiful animation, and I’ve even messed around a bit with them myself, but I’ve never really seen them done right. Until now. More importantly, this is some of the best cartoon fucking I’ve ever seen.

Wish I knew who animated this! The only credit is “Mute Records 1999.”

[via Toby]