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Diaspora* is [probably not] the new facebook

Diaspora* is a noble attempt to provide an alternative to that evil CIA-backed walled garden named Facebook. It’s an open-source, distributed, community-funded social network. They just launched their feature-poor and riddled-with-bugs alpha site. Still a long way to go before it can compete with the FB, but I support the spirit of the venture…

Add me:

I have a few invites left, hit me up if you want one.

BBC on Diaspora


lampoon screenshot

The Harvard Lampoon site got a re-design earlier this summer. This was my second crack at this project, and, though there are still improvements to be made, judging by both site usage and my own arbitrary aesthetic standards, more successful.

After 4 or so years of trying to foist drupal on everyone but myself, I finally began pushing wordpress, the software I use for this site, instead. I wouldn’t be adding anything new to the discourse by mentioning that wordpress is less kludge-y and buggy, easier to use and design for… but I’ll say it anyway.

Also, thanks to SWT, NHS, ERS and MKG for all the help getting this launched.

long time no blog

some of the things I’ve done instead:

  • Designed a PDF of Sharing Creative Works, the Creative Commons comic I worked on with Alex Roberts and Jon Phillips. Did this with Scribus, an open source desktop publishing app that seems to have finally reached maturity (usable interface, doesn’t crash every couple of hours).
  • Wrote the copy for Simple Licensing, a Creative Commons infodoc designed by Alex, with contributions from Jon and Tim.
  • Redesigned the Lampoon website.
  • Sold out
  • Bunch of arty stuff. More on this later…

Lots of stuff in the blog queue, gonna get on that.