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ASHLEY/AMBER now on the Internet

I am so pleased to write that as of the past month, my short film has become outdated. Ashely/Amber is now a relic of another era.

The American protest movement has found it’s fighting spirit. Throughout the nation, the people are out in the streets. Normal people, by which I mean people who’ve never lived in a nudist cooperative house in the Bay Area, are debating the merits of consensus-based decision making and self-governance. We are openly asking: should we play by the rules, control our image, present a simple & easy message? Or is protest not just a means to an ends, but an assertion of democratic sovereignty, which therefore must accommodate the messiness of many opinions, values, and approaches?

The Occupy Movement has thus far negotiated this dilemma beautifully, adopting as its slogan a simple and appealing statement that asserts the rule of the people. The means is the end. We are the 99% and we want a government that represents us. So we assemble in the streets, and represent ourselves. But beyond the initial catharsis of overthrowing our apathy and helplessness, can we keep this going? I hope so, and I hope my film can contribute in some small way, if only to remind us of how impossible this moment felt half a year ago.

This film is dedicated to the occupiers.

ASHLEY/AMBER screenings in Berlin, Toronto & NJ

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Lots of screenings coming up!

NJ Film Festival

Fri 10.14.2011 / 7p / Rutgers University
Voorhees Hall #105, 71 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, NJ
Best of 2011 New Jersey International Film Festival
Best of 2011 New Jersey International Film Festival #1

Brotfabrik Berlin

13, 14 & 15 October / 18 Uhr / In der Brotfabrik
Back To Politics Teil 1

Toronto’s National Film Board Cinema

Sat. 22 October / 7p / National Film Board Cinema, Toronto
150 John Street, Toronto, CA
Wildsound Toronto Film Festival
For free tickets, email

ASHLEY/AMBER screening tomorrow afternoon at Knitting Factory BK

ASHLEY/AMBER at the Williamsburg Int’l Film Fest
A short film about an antiwar activist who finds fame after being outed as the one-time star of an internet porn video.

** afternoon screening **
Friday, September 23 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm
The Knitting Factory
361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Screening in the Student Film Program I @ Willifest
$10 – purchase tix /

Ashley/Amber on DVD in “Back to Politics” compilation

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Ashley/Amber is out on DVD today as part of BACK TO POLITICS, a compilation of 10 short films curated by Berlinale shorts director Maike Mia Höhne.

»Im Alter von 22 Jahren bläst Christoph Schlingensief auf offener Straße und im Schnee seinen Landsleuten die Nationalhymne. Ein klares Eingangsstatement, anhand dessen sich kaum die Frage stellt, ob man sich aufgrund der Hymne von seinem Stuhl erhebt. Prolog & programmatisch für die Auswahl BACK TO POLITICS.
Entlang der Filme lässt sich darüber spekulieren, wie die politische Lage derzeit einzuschätzen ist, wie sie sich zum Besseren verändern lässt. Politisches Handeln weist viele Facetten auf und ist nicht ausschließlich an Tagespolitik geknüpft, sondern tritt in banal anmutenden Entscheidungen zu Tage, die jede und jeder praktisch ständig zu treffen hat. Wie und was ist der Mensch, der entscheidet? In Annäherungen werden prekäre Arbeitsverhältnisse, Ich-AGs und illegale Erwerbsarbeit verhandelt. Die Frage vom Ich im Ganzen bleibt. Zum Ende geht die historische These, wie Sex und Politik zusammengehen, neue Wege. Der Erwartung wird das Leben zugesetzt.«
[Dietmar Schwärzler & Maike Mia Höhne]

It’s quite an honor to be included in this collection. There are some really excellent films including Hugo Lilja’s Aterfödelsen, the dystopian zombie film that screened with us in Berlin.

Order at good!movies &

ASHLEY/AMBER Berlinale Screenings

Friday, February 11 @ 4pm
Berlinale Shorts I: Press Screening

CinemaxX 5
Potsdamer Straße 5, Berlin
Press only; no Q&A

Tuesday, February 15 @ 10pm
Berlinale Shorts I
* official world premiere *

CinemaxX 3
Potsdamer Straße 5, Berlin
Q&A to follow screening; 8,00€

Wednesday, February 16 @ 6pm
Berlinale Shorts Go Arsenal: Artist Talks II

Kino Arsenal 2
Potsdamer Straße 2, Berlin
Artist Talk (no screening); Free

Friday, February 18 @ 5:45pm
Berlinale Shorts I

Colosseum 1
Schönhauser Allee 123, Berlin
Q&A to follow screening; 8,00€

Saturday, February 19 @ 5:45pm
Berlinale Shorts I

CinemaxX 5
Potsdamer Straße 5, Berlin
Q&A to follow screening; 8,00€

Friday, February 25
Soho House Berlin
Details TBA

For more info, visit and check out the Berlinale Program.

ASHLEY/AMBER featured in interview with Berlinale Shorts curator Maike Mia Höhne

Ashley/Amber is about the anti-war movement in the USA…

Yes, the film is a conflict-ridden entanglement of various themes related to the character of a young woman: an excursion into the world of porn, a friend deployed in a war and the growing engagement within the student peace movement. Besides the intelligent cinematic linking of these areas, the director Rebecca Rojer captures much of the real-to-life atmosphere in Harvard, where the film plays and where she herself is a student. One doesn’t ‘just’ see a fictional film, but really gets informed about conditions in certain regions of the world. I was not previously aware that there was such a strong resistance movement in the US – including occupied buildings and political discussion groups. Through the specific quality of the 16mm material that Rojer uses, you feel like you’ve traveled back to the era of 1970s activism. And at the same time you are aware that it’s about very real occurrences in today’s world.

Full Interview
Ashley/Amber Official Site