back at harvard…

And I can’t deny that witnessing the total collapse of the house of cards that is our banking system makes the transition a little easier. I remember my first week on this campus, the special reverence with which the polo-shirted freshmen spoke of “I-banking”, the magical way for (really) smart people to make obscene amounts of money; doing what, no one quite knew. Now three years later, that wealth has tumbled into dust. Too bad you had the bring the whole country down with you, you greedy, short-sighted, dickwads.

Of course it’s the people outside the gates who are going to actually suffer. And its partly the sale of Lehman stock that’s paying for this fine education, so I’ve no claim to the moral high ground. But I gotta get my kicks where I can, and I’m looking forward to watching those econ fuckers squirm tomorrow morning. Pre-med’s looking real good now, isn’t it?

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