csssa pals venture into the cosmic altered mind

During summer 2004 I spent 4 weeks intensively studying & making animation at CalArts through CSSSA (ambitious/masochistic young animators, check it out). This past week I got news from two of my favorite people from that summer. First, my friend Winona found me on myspace after a couple years of lost contact. I’m very happy because in addition to being able to catch up with her, she has a fanciful website and blog full of her beautiful art. And she’s working on a new film about “witches, love, and adventures into the cosmic altered mind!” Goodie!

We’ll trim their trees but not our own by Winona Regan

Then I learned that one of our instructors, Stefan Gruber, finally updated his interactive-animation experiment of a website, Fantasy Pleasure Complex. F.P.C. 10 features four new films, including Anaelle, which I remember him working on at CSSSA when it was hundreds of tiny little drawings in thick flip books. Petting Zoo (1) is also great, like a wonderful nightmare.

Anaelle [mov] by Stefan Gruber

petting zoo
Petting Zoo (1) by Stefan Gruber

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