Happy Halloween! I made a music video

I made a music video for Natti Vogel’s song Cannibal!

MTV Hive calls it “grotesque… and kind of hot” and my little sister calls it “delightfully depraved.” These are all things I look for on Halloween so I hope you will check it out, and if you enjoy it, please share widely and maybe consider helping out the artists by purchasing the song off iTunes or Bandcamp.


Thanks so much to:

impossibly charming co-star Colby Keller;

DoP Ryan De Franco who effortlessly captured on video the images from my head, only better;

production designer Katelan Foisy who brought our set to life and made it so beautiful & is genuinely magical, you should check out her new conjure shop website;

costume designer Kiah Vidyarthi for capturing the spirit of our characters in her gorgeous handmade hoods and collars;

gaffer Milton Delacruz for being a fucking genius with lights and also so sweet and enthusiastic;

grip Paul Wheatley, for making everything happen so quickly and building excellent fires;

Cynthia von Buhler for opening her gorgeous house, and unreal prop collection, to us — go see her immersive theater production Speakeasy Dollhouse!;

colorist Sanja Blau for making the final product so scrumptious looking;

production manager David Weiner, for saying he would help with anything without having any clue what we’d subject him to, and then sticking to his word with grace and humor — also check out his art, it is so so intense;

co-editor & vfx-wiz Ace Salisbury for bringing his percussive skills to the editing room and working at super-speed, while also being a kind listener — check out his work too!;

AD Ashley Akunna, for managing the chaos and being a supportive friend throughout;

Kate Black & Lucia Rollow for their superb on-set photography, Kate single-handedly reversed my feelings about vine;

Samantha Sherrin for joining us at the last minute and providing some much-needed wrangling;

my dad for being such a generous caterer and making by far the most delicious food I’ve ever had on set;

our publicists at Sneak Attack Media;

Natti Vogel for choosing me to direct this video and being a most spirited collaborator;

… and everyone else who pitched in and put up with me the past couple months!

It was a real joy to work with so many talented people, please consider hiring and/or checking out the work of everyone involved!






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