Come see my film & animation on Friday!

spacegirl screenshot

Its been nearly a month since my last post, and not without reason. Nearly all of my time has gone into two semester-long projects, a 16mm documentary film on the Salvation Army in Central Square and a hand-drawn cell animation, both of which will be screened Friday.

Friday 11:30am-3pm
Animation Party and Screening (bring friends for food + animation)
11:30am-1pm – Thai food on the first floor of the Carpenter Center
1pm-3pm – all animation from the spring semester classes will be screened

Friday 7pm-10:30pm
Screening of intermediate and thesis film, video, animation projects in the large theater in the basement of the Carpenter Center

Only my animation will be screened in the afternoon screening, while both of my projects will be shown in the first half of the evening program. The evening program is supposedly ticketed, but if you arrive on time you will probably get a seat even without one. Or let me know and I can try to get you a ticket.

Hope to see you there!

My Dad is a Mad Scientist


For years, whenever someone asked me what my father did, I would answer “computer scientist.” If pressed for more information, I would sheepishly mumble “I don’t really understand it” and something about a non-disclosure agreement.

But now, for the highly curious (and patient), the answer is now publically available. If you have any interest in comp sci, linguistics, or how to make more intelligent, you may wanna check it out. For the less curious, the press release below is worth reading if only for the entertainment value of my middle-aged father pretending to write as me, his college-aged daughter.

My highly obscure dad, Alan S. Rojer, has spent recent years wandering in the wilderness of computer science and linguistics. He begs me for online promotion to help rehabilitate his status as a citizen of the infoverse.

One of his patent applications, Web Bookmark Manager (App. no. 20070043745), was recently published by the PTO and he wants the world to know. Less for the particularities of the bookmark manager than for the implicit demonstration of methodologies he’ll be hawking eventually. So anyone interested in programming methods, knowledge engineering, or bookmark management, have a look:

Even better, grab the pdf.

Truly masochistic geeks could also try his older published applications, but don’t blame me if your eyes glaze over. Mine do. But if you’re so inclined, go here, and search for rojer in inventor name:

He claims, not very convincingly, that products will be released this year. He has said that every year since 2002 or so.


Gestation Screenshot

My friend Allie just completed an impressive first animation. She’s really talented and I’ve long admired her style, so seeing her drawings move is way cool. I hope she sticks with animation. Also her little brother did the music, making for some sweet sibling collaboration. Aww.

Metal Fingers in My Body


I’ve long thought that watercolors could make for beautiful animation, and I’ve even messed around a bit with them myself, but I’ve never really seen them done right. Until now. More importantly, this is some of the best cartoon fucking I’ve ever seen.

Wish I knew who animated this! The only credit is “Mute Records 1999.”

[via Toby]

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